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Toenail fungus symptoms

A toenail fungus infected foot looks ugly and unhealthy. The most common form begins at the far end of the toenail, and grows inward. A picture of a fungus affected toenail can be found here.

The symptoms of toenail fungus are relatively easy to see, the infection can cause the nail to swell, turn yellow, white or black. Foul-smelling debris also may accumulate under the nail. Another indicator of nail fungus may be a change in nail texture and growth. Also the nail may start thickening. Further on the nail can grow fragile, chalky or crumbly, in some cases the nail may fall off or feel painfull. Psoriasis can cause similar symptoms. Go to your foot(doctor) to be sure.

Discomfort from a nail fungus infection can cause it to be painful to walk, work, or do other activities. Your toe nails may get so thick that wearing (tight) shoes causes pain. These symptoms may not get better. In fact, most of the nail fungus infections may get worse if not treated.

You are advised to contact and see your (foot) doctor if you suspect that you have toenail fungus. He or she can advice you about possible treatments. The sooner you begin treatment for the infection the better.