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Toenail fungus treatment

If you suspect that you have toenail fungus, you should seek professional treatment. You are advised to see your (foot) doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Before starting treatment, your doctor will probably take a sample by scraping under the nail and sending it to the laboratory to identify your particular fungus.

Treatment of toenail fungus may begin with your doctor removing as much of the infected nail as possible. Your doctor trims the nail with clippers or he files it down or dissolves the nail away with a paste.

If the fungus infection is mild your doctor may prescribe a medicated nail polish or a anti fungal cream. You should apply the nail polish or cream until your nail is cured. In general treatment is lengthy because of the slow growth of the nail.

Over the counter antifungal creams may help some people with mild infections. Such treatments may contain tea tree oil, an antifungal substance derived from a plant.